With nearly 30 years experience in major markets throughout the United States, Acacia Capital's investment funds have acquired real estate debt and equity interests with an aggregate cost in excess of $5 billion. Throughout its history, Acacia has invested in nearly 30,000 apartment units and 42,000 single-family home lots.

Real Estate Operating Expertise Since 1992

Since forming its first institutional fund in 1992, Acacia Capital has managed a series of commingled investment funds that have acquired both debt and equity positions in real estate with a primary focus on residential property. Our development, finance and real estate operating expertise have allowed us to deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns over an extended period of time. While the majority of capital managed by Acacia is institutional, we also serve a select group of individual and family investors.

Investment Platforms

As real estate and capital market conditions evolve, Acacia continues to develop investment platforms designed to capitalize on market inefficiencies and areas of illiquidity. Our extended presence in the industry allows us to draw on our experience from prior downturns to shape our approach to the current environment. Our modest use of leverage and disciplined underwriting over the years has positioned Acacia to take advantage of current market conditions.

Acacia Capital has an extended presence in the real estate industry
Acacia Capital has years of hands-on experience in the real estate marketplace

Hands-On Experience

Acacia's management team includes executives with hands-on experience in real estate development, construction, operations, acquisition, disposition, and finance. The team's years of working together, broad experience and complementary backgrounds provide a depth of management that allows Acacia to react quickly to favorable investment opportunities while carefully managing risk.